How long are my new teeth last?
Nobody can tell you for sure. It depends on the maintenance that is going to take place after the completion of the case, if there is any destructive habit, like grinding or clenching.

Do implants hurt?
No, an implant surgery lasts apr. 45 min for one implant, it's done with simple local anaesthesia. After the surgery simple analgesics are prescribed and the next day the patient can return to his daily routine.

Bleaching destroys my teeth?
No, if it is used under the supervision of a dentist. The bleaching material cannot damage the tooth structure if it is used in the correct dosage and for the right amount of time. It is important for the time of the bleaching process to avoid consuming coloured drinks and food. (like coffee, tea etc.)

Do Implants always integrate?
There is always a small percentage of implants that won't integrate. This is about 2% for the lower and 4% for the upper jaw. There are a lot of variables that can be an etiology for that. (osteoporosis, diabetes, smoking, surgical skills etc) In case of a failure an alternative treatment plan can be followed.

What can I do to prevent me teeth to get decayed?
It is essential to brush your teeth correctly at least twice every day and use dental floss or interdental brushes daily. Also, you have to follow your cleaning appointments with your dentist, in general every 6 months. You should avoid excessive consumption of food and drinks that are acidic (like lemons, Coke etc.) and contain large amounts of sugar. Also, if you suffer from teeth that getting decayed to easily, or you have roots exposed due to periodontal disease, a fluoride gel can be used to make the teeth more resistant to bacterial plaque and reduce possible sensitivity to cold drinks.

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