Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry (bonding, bleaching, Porcelain veneers)

In cases of patients desiring the aesthetic upgrade of their dentition, dentistry offers the whitening (bleaching) procedure.
. This can be done either at home with special nightguards or at the dental office requiring a shorter treatment time. It is worth mentioning that the result of this procedure can vary from patient to patient and may need additional treatment in order to be maintained through time.


In cases of patients desiring an upgrade of the form and-or the relationship between their teeth and a more stable result through time, dentistry offers the porcelain veneers. These are restorations that are made in the dental lab and are cemented to the teeth, that need to be improved and are minimally prepared. We can offer also veneers made out of composite material fabricated directly on the teeth, resulting in an amazing dental lifting within couple of hours. And all that without the hassle of needles and pain.


Shade correction of a discolored tooth with internal bleaching
Esthetic rehabilitation of anterior dentition with porcelain veneers and crowns
Bleaching therapy
Esthetic smile makeover with zirkonia crowns
Esthetic rehabilitaion of the anterior dentition after gum surgery withi zirkonia crowns
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