Implants were a major breakthrough for dentistry in the mid 80s. With implant we can restore any case of missing teeth with a fixed life-like restoration.

This therapy includes two phases: the surgical stage and the restorative phase. After a healing time of 4-6 months the head of the implant, that is placed in the jaw-bone during the surgical stage , is revealed and the prostheses is constructed and fitted on the implant with a screw or with the help of dental cement.

Great improvement can be achieved for patients with unstable dentures. In cases like these, the number of implants needed is smaller and an attachment mechanism is used to stabilize the denture on the implant.

Replacement of 4 anterior teeth with implants
Restoration of a lateral incisor with an implant
Restoration of the upper dentition with 3 implants and an overdenture
Rehabilitation of posterior teeth with implants
Restoration of lower teeth with implants and upper teeth with crowns
Restoration of a fractured discolored tooth with an implant
Implant restoration of the upper failing dentition with implants
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